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1st of March

Cheeseburger approved lipstick! 💄🍔💋

Hello! Today I wanted to get a little silly and a little practical. I am a total lipstick junkie so I had to share my dirty little secret with you all. My all time favorite lipsticks are from MILANI! I’m a big lover of luxury and professional brand lipsticks like, Tarte, NARS and Marc jacobs I keep in my kit but this drug store lipstick gives them a run for their money for more than half the price! Can’t beat that!

Milani seriously stays all day and the pigments are legit! (No filter what so ever on featured image) Their matte and moisturizing formulas are my favorite also their matte liquid lips are pretty awesome too! I love a good statement lip. It’s all the range this spring season. A fresh face and little color pop on the lips and you’re good to go! For those quick lunch breaks, where all you have time for is to chow down and run back to the office, this is your savior! For those days your working a 12 HR shift and can’t keep a lipstick on you, you have to give this a try!

I’m wearing shade Matte Orchid #64 in Milani Matte Lipstick. Find it at Walmart, CVS and select Walgreens.

I thought it was time to finally share some makeup tips, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know any more tips you’d like me to write about. Woo hoo for embracing the best way to express your inner and outer beauty, makeup accessorizing!

Have a beauty-filled day and cheeseburger on!

Ashley Marin 🙂

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23rd of February

Let’s Take the Masks Off

Whenever people ask me what do you do?  I say, ” Makeup Artist “….. All passionately of course (you know me) and then I say, ” I really love what I do! ” I sometimes get these very weird looks and then sometimes there are those people who are truly interested in why I do what I do.

So today I’m speaking to both of those. I consider what I do a ministry and also happens to be my main source of income. It’s truly the best of both worlds, thank you Lord!

I’ll be honest, I’ve really had to ask the Lord to show me how to use makeup as a ministry. There is the obvious of helping people feel beautiful. But there is also the obvious factor that I am covering up flaws and putting makeup over the face. Well, let’s go on a little history journey. The Egyptians were one of the first creators of makeup. The queens and princesses often adorned themselves in gold and did beautiful intricate eye designs. They were known by their people as royalty because of how they dressed and how they represented their identity to society. You may see where I’m going with this. Yes, it’s so easy to get up in the morning and just slap on your face and pretend all is ok in your world while your dying a little inside. I did that for years! I truly believe the world has tainted what makeup is… It’s not something to hide behind or put a new face on every day. It’s something you can have fun accessorizing with and playing up your natural beauty. When you know whose (daughter of the King Most High) you are and who you are on the inside, the outside becomes a reflection of the inside, not vice versa.

Isaiah 61:3 is my life verse and that’s because our creator and King of kings has given us beauty for ashes! Ashes meaning dust, nothing of value. We do NOT earn our kingdom identity it is freely given to all who surrender their lives! Our beauty is not meant to be hidden or tainted, it’s meant to be free to fly and soar in this beautiful life we have! So embrace your flaws, love what you see in the mirror! You were fearfully and wonderfully made by a mighty God, who created the heavens and the earth!


Ashley Marin

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15th of February

Beauty Outside the Box

Hello! If you’ve been reading these posts I’m sure you’ve discovered by now this is my journey to express my heart and values for how I live my life in this amazing beauty industry. Today I’m digging deep, are you ready to go on the ride with me? Alright let’s go!

I often think about how our society views beauty. The more I see, the more my heart hurts. True beauty the way God intended is pure, it’s honest, it’s authentic and it’s perfect. In Isaiah chapter 61 it’s a beautiful display of Gods view of beauty and identity as warriors for King Jesus to walk out our calling.

Today there is beauty all around us but how the world represents it is through sex, masks, and narcissistic views, there is even a makeup company called Nars and they call their followers NARCISSIST’S! WHAT! (and please no hate to their products they are amazing, I have a few in my kit)

But you know what, let me be real for a minute, as frustrating it makes me. It’s a time more than EVER to truly love ourselves and show more grace than we can imagine to those around us. It’s time to step into our true identity, as the pure bride of Christ. I know we will never be perfect till we see him face to face but why not pursue all the purity we can here and now and call heaven onto earth! Isn’t that what we’re called to do? 🙂 So with all that being said let’s think outside the box! It’s time to take beauty into our owns hands and let it be free to fly!

As someone who loves Jesus with all of me, how dare I try to conform to the beauty standards of this world. I have the creator of the universe on my side to express who I am as a woman!!! I’m pretty sure that’s more creativity than this little body of mine can handle!! Woo! I hope and pray my makeup work speaks to the creativity he’s given me. All I want to do is get out of the way and let HIM work through me to minister to my clients both inside and out!

However you express yourself let it be done to the glory of God! All my creatives out there, you ARE called to be creative, don’t waste it! Take this as a sign if you were looking for one. 😉 Create away my friends!

Happy beauty finding to you,
– Ashley Anne


photo cred: for the love of a frame photography

Photo: Thats me, Ashley, on set, loving what I do, bringing beauty to the world!

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8th of February

Power in Unity: Wedding Season is almost here!

Every time wedding season hits here in Orlando it always gets me thinking. All this money spent on a day that people will most likely forget all the details they spent so much money on. And maybe even forget why they did it in the first place years later. Also please don’t get me wrong I pay the bills by brides paying me to do their wedding makeup and I’m so so grateful! This post is about the heart, and how we may make decisions based on emotions that can ruin a very good thing. ( I know this because oh boy, I’ve made some crazy emotionally bad decisions. )

The divorce rate in America is mind blowingly high. And it breaks my heart. I come from a divorced home and it’s heart breaking to experience as a kid. So much uncertainty and broken promises. But looking back now I’m grateful that the pain has made me wiser and stand so much more firm on what I believe and hope for myself, my marriage and my future kids. The lord always makes a good thing out of what may seem impossibly bad at the time.

Now as a married women myself I believe that I can be just one voice to help change a generation of people who have no regard for the true meaning of marriage and the true convenent you make with your man. I’ll be honest it’s not easy but one thing I’ve already come to find in these few years, it’s so worth it!

Let’s have some real talk. The devil hates unity and he hates marriage even more beacause it is the perfect example of unity the way god meant it to be! Why do you think the stats are so high for divorce? His desire is for a broken, lost, rebellious people. But I SAY NO! I say YES to forever love, I WILL believe in marriage! The world will tell you all the different, believe me and I’m sure you can agree, just turn on the tv. So will you take a stand with me?

My heart for unity, for beauty, for love is hurting right now for my country. The state of America is so broken. But it’s time to see it as it could be and stand and declare what I believe America was founded on! That one nation under God is still possible! Marriage covenant is powerful! Beauty from within is way more attractive than beauty without heart!

I hope I stirred your mind to take a stand for what you believe in, you definitely don’t have to agree with me but just seek the truth out for yourself. Your future self will thank you. 🙂


Ashley Anne Marin

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23rd of January

Thoughts on Success and Staying Grounded Part 2

Hello. I hope my heart on staying grounded helped give perspective to how important knowing who you are and staying in community is to your ability to thrive in this life and not just survive. I wanted to finish my experience of what it takes to stay grounded and how I continue to walk it out everyday.

Working in the beauty industry can be insanely exciting yet very depressing at times. So much you can compare yourself to and strive to be. And that brings me to my next big value for staying grounded.

Know your why.

What makes you passionate about what you do? Are you passionate about what you do? If not, how can you work toward that?

Mine sort of happened organically for me. I was raised by a single mom who was very creative and worked in makeup and creative industries so I cultivated a love for the industry. Not everyone has that, I totally get that. But don’t let yourself be stuck in a 9-5 and say, “someday I’ll open that shop, someday I’ll start my ______ ” (insert your dream there)

Start writing down small attainable goals and make it happen! You can do it!

By no means have I arrived! I have a LONG way to go with Marin Makeup and my other passions, it’s journey and everyday I have to remind myself to stay content and not look to far ahead. And that brings me to my last value.

Enough the little things.

Easier said than done right? I used to laugh, and well to be honest still do sometimes, when people told me that. Lately I’ve come find that there is beauty in humble beginnings and to not let the little foxes spoil the vine. There is beauty in chaos. It’s learning to find peace in midst of a storm that will carry you through this lifetime. Stay grounded and love who you are and who you were created to be! Never settle for second best and never let anyone tell you who you are and what you should do. Seek inside your heart and follow your spirit and you will never be lead astray!

Blessings to you all!

Ashley Anne


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