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20th of June

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding Day.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding Day:
  1. Texture. It feels like second skin and is perfect for those brides who don’t want to feel they have makeup on. But good news it looks amazing! Makes you camera ready in an instant!
  2. Long wear. It’s water resistant and transfer resistant. The technology in most airbrush makeup formulas makes it so it adheres like skin to the face. When used with proper primers, moisturizers and setting powder it truly it’s unstoppable! So much so I put Temptu’s perfect canvas hydra lock formula to the test at a recent shoot where the model went underwater. And not just a dip like full on swimming! Her face stayed perfect! I’d say you want that in your wedding day!
  3. HD camera approved. I briefly mentioned this is number 1 but I’ll go into more detail. Using an HD makeup formula is so important in today’s use of HD camera and video. You want a smooth finishing and every pore covered for that big day and airbrush makeup is your solution! The way in which the foundation is blown through the gun creates a finishing that looks perfect on camera!
  4. Skill. Airbrush makeup application takes a certain level of skill. When hiring a professional makeup artist, make sure they have a wide range of skills. Learning and mastering airbrush application is such a great skill to have and brings more options to the table for your best day ever!!!! Most makeup artist that offer this service have a few years under their belt and you can trust them with all your makeup need so the day of your wedding.
  5. Investment. Those makeup artist’s who spend money on a good airbrush system see the value in giving you the best of the best! A good airbrush system can cost in upwards of $500. We truly want you to have the best for your best day ever! Investing in our makeup kit is investing in you! An artist who carries good quality products is the artist you want to hire. Professional products require professional skills.
Airbrush makeup may be a bit more expensive than your average makeup application but let me tell you its worth every penny. I will say there is only one downfall to airbrush and depending on the formula it is not well suited for some mature skin types. I will say though the new Temptu Hydra Lock formula is perfect for mature skin and all the above. It’s my new secret weapon! So for all my fellow artists reading this, the sky is the limit with the Hydra Lock Formula!
I hope this helps in your makeup decision for your big day! Much luck to you!
Ps. In no way am I sponsored by Temptu or any airbrush makeup company. I truly believe in these products and spend my hard earned makeup money on them. I know I can trust them to perform to the quality I want them to and trust them to make my client look their absolute best!

-Ashley Marin, Your Friendly Neighborhood Makeup Artist.

8th of February

Power in Unity: Wedding Season is almost here!

Every time wedding season hits here in Orlando it always gets me thinking. All this money spent on a day that people will most likely forget all the details they spent so much money on. And maybe even forget why they did it in the first place years later. Also please don’t get me wrong I pay the bills by brides paying me to do their wedding makeup and I’m so so grateful! This post is about the heart, and how we may make decisions based on emotions that can ruin a very good thing. ( I know this because oh boy, I’ve made some crazy emotionally bad decisions. )

The divorce rate in America is mind blowingly high. And it breaks my heart. I come from a divorced home and it’s heart breaking to experience as a kid. So much uncertainty and broken promises. But looking back now I’m grateful that the pain has made me wiser and stand so much more firm on what I believe and hope for myself, my marriage and my future kids. The lord always makes a good thing out of what may seem impossibly bad at the time.

Now as a married women myself I believe that I can be just one voice to help change a generation of people who have no regard for the true meaning of marriage and the true convenent you make with your man. I’ll be honest it’s not easy but one thing I’ve already come to find in these few years, it’s so worth it!

Let’s have some real talk. The devil hates unity and he hates marriage even more beacause it is the perfect example of unity the way god meant it to be! Why do you think the stats are so high for divorce? His desire is for a broken, lost, rebellious people. But I SAY NO! I say YES to forever love, I WILL believe in marriage! The world will tell you all the different, believe me and I’m sure you can agree, just turn on the tv. So will you take a stand with me?

My heart for unity, for beauty, for love is hurting right now for my country. The state of America is so broken. But it’s time to see it as it could be and stand and declare what I believe America was founded on! That one nation under God is still possible! Marriage covenant is powerful! Beauty from within is way more attractive than beauty without heart!

I hope I stirred your mind to take a stand for what you believe in, you definitely don’t have to agree with me but just seek the truth out for yourself. Your future self will thank you. 🙂


Ashley Anne Marin

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4th of December

Admire Someone Else’s Beauty Without Questioning Your Own

Sometimes that’s easier said then done, am I right? But I truly believe you can walk this out everyday when you find your true identity. When you know your place in the world, you don’t feel pressure to compare or question yourself. You walk out life in confidence instead of looking all around to find your answers. When you find inner peace, it seeps out in all you do!

Well how do I find inner peace? Great question! My experience in this has been life changing and is an experience that has marked me forever! And it’s one word, JESUS. He is the prince of peace. He died to know you! I’ll talk more about my experience with Jesus in upcoming blogs. 🙂 He sure did save me from myself!

Beauty is more than just the appearance of how things look, it’s deeper! Beauty is all around us, all the time! For me, I feel like sometimes I get so centered on my needs and my wants I forget to enjoy the little things and find the beauty within. My husband is so good at living in the moment and he’s taught me so much about learning to enjoy life so much more! I naturally am future focused and looking for a plan of action in my day to day. It’s easy to focus on all that’s wrong and want to change it to the way we think things should be or how the world tell us it should be. I believe that beauty is finding joy in what makes you happy. Beauty is what we define it to be. For me beauty is in the imperfections.

As a makeup artist I’m trained to fix flaws. In training we literally are taught to make everyone’s face the perfect oval, they say that’s the ideal face shape. Well who’s they I say? How can they categorize the billions of people on the planet to one ideal face shape!? I say, no way! Embrace our crooked noses and small foreheads. Our blemishes and wide set eyes. We are all beautiful!! I think it’s time we train our eyes to see beauty for what it is, not what media and people say it should be.

I know this can be a heavy topic but take a deep breathe and look in the mirror and say, “I love me! I embrace who I was created to be! I am beautiful! I am capable! I’m worthy! I’m loved by the creator of the universe!”

Now go have an amazing day,

Ashley Anne Marin

Categories:  Beauty blog Beauty truth
Marin Makeup, Professional Makeup Artist | Beauty | Fashion | Bridal | Production | by Ashley Anne Marin | Orlando, FL | Beauty for Ashes   Facebook   Instagram